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To run AVConference on your web site you will need:

  1. A web site
  2. A media server or media server hosting (Red5 , FMIS)
  3. Your web site users need Flash Player 8

1. Some normal web hosting space:

A web site with PHP or ASP support will do just fine. This is the place where the video conference software will be installed and most probably where your web site is already located.

2. A media server, you have 2 options:

This server takes care of all the video, audio and text data exchanged between the users.

Option 1: Red5

Red5 is a free open source media server developed in Java.You can download Red5 and install it on your own dedicated or VPS server.

If you do not have a dedicated server yet, you can buy one with Red5 pre installed from hostv.com .

More info and installation instructions on the official Red5 page here: http://code.google.com/p/red5/.

AVConference is compatible with Red5 0.7, 0.8. and 0.9 .

Option 2: Flash Media Interactive Server

FMIS is the first media server ever (developed by Adobe). There are several ways you can use it:

  • You can download the free Developer Edition (limited to max 10 simultaneous connections) and install it on your own dedicated or VPS server.
  • You can buy it ($4500 in the U.S.) and install it on your own dedicated or VPS server. View full pricing.
  • You can get FMIS hosting for as low as $6/month from one of the available FMIS hosting providers:

When going with FMIS hosting the deciding factor must be how close your users are to them. Uvault, Influxis and MoreMx have servers in both North America and in Europe.

Note: If you go with FMIS hosting you don't have to move your entire web site. The FMIS hosting will only take care of the video, audio, and text data exchanged between the users connected to it!

AVConference is compatible with FMIS 2, 3, 3.5 and 4.

3. End user requirements :

A modern Internet browser with Flash Player 8 or above installed. Nothing else! And it looks like at least 95% of the Internet users already have Flash Player 9 installed.