Video conference software for your web site.

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Also available as:
Joomla! 1.5 & 2.5 Component

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AVConference for forum, dating and content management systems

AVConference can be integrated with any user management system (custom or 3rd party) so that people will have the same user name in the website and in the conference, users will not have to login twice, site owners will be able to enable certain features for certain user levels, etc... .

Free Integration Kits

AVConference comes with a free integration kit for:

When using these free basic integration kits:

  • your users will have the same user name in the website and in the conference
  • the users are auto logged in the chat (they do not have to press the CONNECT button)
  • prevent visitors/guests from logging in the chat (they need to register)
  • clicking the [View Profile] link inside the chat will take you to the users profile on the respective site
  • a link is placed in the main menu of the website, link that takes the user to the chat installed on that website

Integration Guide

If the CMS you use for your website is not listed above or you have a custom developed backend for your website you or your developers can do the Integration by following the integration guide

Integration Service ($199)

We can also perform the integration for $199.

We will talk individually to each customer and decide what exactly do they expect from the Integration (auto login, different features for different user levels, different colors, links, ads, etc..). We will also configure every aspect of the conference (within the limits allowed by the chat's options) like size, background image, colors, logos, features) in accordance with the customers guidelines!

If you are interested in this service you can purchase it from the purchase page.