Video conference software for your web site.

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Joomla! 1.5 & 2.5 Component

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AVConference Features

Video conference with several persons at the same time:

video panels in AVConference

The new interface in AVConference allows users to video chat with as many people as they want. Even tough this number can be limited, there is no initial limit.

Zoom in/out video areas using the mouse wheel

zoom in and out

All video areas can be zoomed in up to 7x and zoomed out up to 0.5x by using the wheel on your mouse. Pretty neat we say! ;)

Live video and audio directly from your web cam/microphone

AVConference provides live audio and video transfer between users. As a webmaster you have full control over the quality of the audio and video experienced by your users.

How it works: AVConference is using the video/audio capturing capabilities of the Flash Player in conjunction with a media server (FMS or Red5). The audio/video is first captured and encoded by Flash Player running on the users computer, then it it sent to the media server from where it is routed to all the users subscribed to that audio/video stream.

Full control over the video and audio quality

You can change: picture resolution and picture quality, maximum bandwidth to use, frames/second and key frames/second and audio quality.

AVConference comes with 6ideo quality profiles to choose from, suited for 56k, 128k and 256k video/audio streams. You can add your own or modify the existing ones.

Record everything (new in AVConference 1.1)

You can record every audio/video stream coming from the users in separate .flv files. Each user gets its own .flv audio/video file each time he logs in and start sending audio and/or video. The newly crated .flv files will be stored on the media server and can be put on your web server for later downloading/viewing.

File sharing

file sharing screen

With AVConference users can share files with everyone else. A max file size limit can be set.

Text chat only mode

The audio and video capabilities of the software can be turned off, thus remaining with a simple text chat software.


Moderation mode can be turned on, which allows the admins to approve or block text messages sent by users before they get sent to everyone else.

Screen Sharing using third party software

You can share your desktop screen with other people just as if you were sharing your web cam, by using a third party software. More details in this blog post on our blog.

Enhanced users list

The user list has several functions:

  • display the gender of the user
  • display the user name of the user
  • display a cam icon besides the user if he is sending video
  • display a speaker icon besides the user if he is sending video
  • shows a small message besides each user who is watching your cam

Runs in Flash Player 8 or newer

Your users do not have to download any special plugin as AVConference runs in Flash Player 8 which is installed on over 95% of the computers connected to the Internet. AVConference will run directly in the users browser (IE,Firefox, Safari on Windows/Mac/Linux).

External users list (new in AVConference 1.1)

AVConference generates an external .xml users list file on the web server which you can use to display, on your web site,the users (and number of users) logged in the video chat software at any moment.

Banner friendly

You can place advertising (banners,AdSense, video, links, etc...) anywhere around the video chat software. In the HTML page that embeds the video conference you can place anything you want.

Automatic "who's watching me" function

Besides each user in the users list that is watching your video/audio stream, a text message: "views my cam" is displayed.

Moderator Section with kick, ban and ip view

ban and kick buttons

Using the moderator section you can:

  • view the ip of each user
  • kick users
  • ban users by their ip's
  • delete rooms

Moderators can log in as hidden

When using the moderator interface to log in by default one can select between being a hidden or visible moderator. You can change this in the configuration file and only allow for visible moderators for example. Also moderators have by default access to private rooms, but this can be changed also.

Male, female and couple gender icons

At the request of numerous clients AVConference now allows people to log in using 3 different genders: male , female and couple. The couple gender can be disabled from the configuration file.

Integration with user management systems:

After integrating the AVConference with your content/users management system, you can set different values for each option in the configuration file based on the level of the user. These being said you can :

  • prevent some users from sending/receiving video/audio
  • give only limited video time to certain users
  • prevent some from viewing more than 1 video/audio stream at a time
  • drop certain users in certain rooms
  • etc...

AVConference comes with a Joomla! 1.5 and 2.5 Component , but it can be integrated with any other CMS system.

Bad words filter

This filter automatically censors forbidden words.

Bad nicks filter

A nick/user name filter which you can use to prevent users from logging in as admin or administrator for example.

Highlighted links

If you will allow links in the text chat, our software automatically parses them and turns them into clickable links (blue underlined).

Move and resize all interface elements

All the interface elements can be dragged using the mouse, and can be resized by clicking and dragging the red lower right corners. This way you can arrange the interface in the most productive way.

In addition the video areas can be zoomed in/out using the wheel on your mouse.

Secure encrypted text/video/audio connections

All the data exchanged between the users and the media server can be encrypted. Contact us for more info on this topic.

Text chat logs

All private/public text chat is kept in text logs on the media server for later analysis. Each room gets its own text log each day.

Can be easily translated into other languages

All the texts can be changed in an external .xml file that can be edited with any text editor. This way AVConference supports any language, even right to left languages like Arabic. Special characters are also supported.

Joomla! 1.5 and 2.5) components

AVConference also comes wrapped as a Joomla! component that takes care of the integration with your Joomla! web site.